Mouse Specifications
Connection Type Bluetooth Low Energy and Bolt
Wireless Report Rate (Bolt mode) Wireless report rate: 125 Hz (8 ms)
Bluetooth Report Rate Bluetooth report rate: 88-133 Hz (7.5-11.25 ms)
Microprocessor Nordic NRF52820
DPI (Min/Max) Resolution: 400-4000DPI
Sensor Sensor: TCOB
Max Acceleration Max. acceleration: > 10 G
Max Speed Max. speed: > 20 IPS
Indicator Lights (LED) One green, one red, three white host LEDs
Buttons Three channel change button, On/off button
Indicator Lights (LED) 1 – Connectivity
Buttons 3 buttons + Connectivity button
Durability (button presses) Left/Right button: 3M cycles
Middle wheel button: 1M cycles
Durability feet Material type + KM Range, Feet abrasion resistance: 100KM range
Materials used Plastic PCR ABS
Battery Details AA x 1
Battery life (not rechargeable) 24 months
Battery user replaceable? Yes
Corded or Wireless Wireless
Wireless range 10m in office environment
Power Adapter Notes Detachable power cord, cradle and power supply combined unit, etc.